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Welcome to Dr. Ruth, M.D. Consulting -  My goal is to find the root causes of your ailments and restore your health and vitality to its fullest. 

Dr. Ruth Vanderkooi, MD

Meet Dr. Ruth Vanderkooi, M.D.

Dr. Ruth is a functional medicine doctor with a passion for helping patients achieve optimal health using a mix of treatment strategies, including nutrient supplementation, safe bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, thyroid solutions, detox programs, and more. With 30 years of experience as a primary care doctor, Dr. Ruth now uses her consulting business to do what being a primary care doctor never allowed her to do - spend extra time with patients, learn about them fully, and employ functional whole-person health solutions to bring real healing, instead of just masking symptoms. Book a consultation with Dr. Ruth today and start your journey towards restoring your vitality to its fullest.

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Functional Medicine Services

Free 20-minute Phone Consultation

Please note that this is not a HIPAA secured form. Also, the information you share here goes to our external scheduling and support staff.

Happy Women's Day

Our Wellness Principles

We acknowledge these key concepts to bring holistic healing for body, mind, and spirit:

- Enough sleep, and deep sleep

- High quality food with a variety of beneficial nutrients

- Staying hydrated with clean filtered water

- Socializing with people you love and enjoy

- Moving the body through exercise and activities

- Spending time in nature

- Recognizing and processing emotions in a healthy way

- Living as your highest self, aligned with your values

As an M.D., Dr. Ruth is able to add these personalized elements:

- Genetic testing and supplementation of nutrients in accordance to one's specific genetic differences

- Lab Tests and Blood Work to discover nutrient deficiencies, underlying infections, warning signs of future disease, and more.

- Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

- Thyroid testing and personalized integrative treatment solutions to fix thyroid issues

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