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Packages & Appointments

Monthly memberships are a simplistic way to structure services and achieve healing. We recommend a four-month membership for anyone experiencing a complex health issue, and this membership can be renewed as needed. Four-months includes appointments to arrange testing, treatments, and wellness coaching. Additionally, Dr. Ruth is available to answer your questions via portal messaging through out the package duration. A single appointment is also an option, usually best for reviewing past lab work, getting a second opinion, and getting ideas for next steps for you.

** We are a small part-time practice. Appointments are typically offered on Wednesdays, in-person or virtual. Scheduling the day/time of your appointment(s) is done via text.  Once you've established the day/time of your upcoming appointment via text, then use the "purchase here" link to pay.

Text us at: 720-440-3199 to book your appointment day/time.

Cancellation Policy: Please let us know as soon as possible (via text, call, or email), and no less than 24hours before your appointment, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

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